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'Unexplained 9-11 Explosion at WTC Complex':
Misinformation Clouding the Crimes of 9/11/01

The following article is a prime example of the kind of misinformation that has effectively hobbled the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The original article was published in the American Free Press in mid-2002, but disappeared from that website in April of 2006. It has been widely re-published on websites that promote other misinformation such as the no-planes theories.

The article advances the claim that the large hole in WTC 6 visible from above was produced by an explosion that ocurred before either of the Twin Towers came down. It cites as evidence of the claim CNN video footage that shows a thick plume of white dust rising above the World Trade Center Plaza in the wake of the total destruction of the South Tower, asserting that the event ocurred 55 minutes before that Tower came down. The falsity of the claim is evident from that footage itself, as has been pointed in debunkings of the claim on prominent websites starting as early as late-2002:

The final article debunks the notion that the same rising column of dust was from an explosion at Building 7.

Unexplained 9-11 Explosion at WTC Complex

May 30, 2003 - 11:55
Despite the fact that the horrible events of Sept. 11 occurred in broad daylight and were widely photographed, significant aspects of the attacks have been completely suppressed by a media blackout.

Unexplained 9-11 Explosion at WTC Complex


This would be the mini-atomic explosion in the 7th sub-basement that caused a pool of molten steel to last there for weeks, and that caused elevated levels of uranium in the dust analysed...

This comment, referring to a more recent hoax about nuclear devices being used to destroy the Towers, was added to the original article.

From: olga scully Exclusive to American Free Press By Christopher Bollyn

A massive explosion, witnessed by millions of television viewers on CNN, evidently devastated World Trade Center 6, the eight-story U. S. Customs building, although no national newspaper, other than American Free Press, has written a word about it. Before the smoke had cleared from around the stricken South Tower, a mysterious explosion shot 550 feet into the air above the U. S. Customs House at WTC 6.

The "massive explosion" was the rising dust cloud from the just-destroyed South Tower.

The unexplained blast occurred between the burning North Tower and the
47-story Salomon Brothers Building, known as WTC 7, immediately after United Airlines Flight 175 smashed into the South Tower, at about 9:03 a. m.

No, the rising dust cloud was centered above the northeast corner of the World Trade Center plaza.

The explosion at WTC 6 was shown afterward on CNN. But because it was not broadcast as it happened there has been some confusion about when it actually occurred.

No, the rising dust cloud from the just-destroyed South Tower was broadcast live by virtually all of the television networks covering the attack.

The large amount of smoke seen cascading around the South Tower in the video led some observers to mistake the blast for a dust cloud from the subsequent collapse of the tower.


American Free Press contacted CNN to determine exactly when the footage was filmed. CNN's Public Affairs Department confirmed that the explosion shown in the footage occurred immediately after the second plane had crashed into the South Tower. When asked if the footage was taken at 9:04 a. m., the CNN archivist said "that's correct."

The footage is from 9:59 AM. Since the CNN Public Affairs contact is not named and there is no way to follow up on this obvious error.

When asked if CNN could offer any explanation about what might have caused the blast that soared higher than the 47-story WTC 7 in the foreground, the archivist said: "We can't figure it out."

Asking a CNN archivist to explain an erroneous claim would predictably elicit such a response.

The affected space between WTC 7 and the North Tower was occupied by the Customs House building, also known as WTC 6. The building housed the offices of 760 employees of the Customs Service, a part of Treasury. Other federal agencies had offices in the building, including the Departments of Commerce, Agriculture, Labor, and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. They did not return calls to AFP about the matter.

The column of dust is behind WTC 7. From this vantage point, WTC 6 is directly in front of the North Tower.

A spokesman for the Export-Import Bank of the United States, which had an office with four employees on the sixth floor of the Customs House, confirmed the time of the explosion and told AFP that the employees had survived and been relocated. One private company, Eastco Building Services, Inc., reportedly leased space in the building.

Yet another citation of anonymous spokeseperson for an obviously false assertion about the time of the event.

Some 800 workers from WTC 6 were safely evacuated within 12 minutes of the first plane hitting the North Tower at about 8:46 a. m., according to a Sept. 18 Washington Post article by Stephen Barr. The Barr piece is the only known article published about WTC 6. However, Barr failed to mention the explosion that apparently devastated the building just minutes after the workers had escaped with their lives.

In contrast to the preceding quotes by unnamed "sources", the accurate and identifiably sourced description of the building's evacuation does not mention any 9:04 explosion, but is framed by Bollyn as omitting the alleged event.


Although the Customs House apparently exploded at 9:04 a. m., the government-sponsored investigation was steered away from looking into what had actually happened.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency funded an investigation by the American Society of Civil Engineers. However, investigators were reportedly blocked from the building by an order from the New York City's Department. of Design and Construction . Kenneth Holden is commissioner of the DDC, having been appointed by the former mayor, Rudolph Giuliani on Dec. 7, 1999.

Regarding the investigation of WTC 4, 5, and 6, FEMA's "Building Performance" report says, "WTC 5 was the only building accessible for observation." But, it adds, "the observations, findings, and recommendations are assumed to be applicable to all three buildings."

A spokesman for FEMA told AFP that because the building was considered by DDC to be "very dangerous," there was "no data collection" from WTC 6.

There are numerous omissions in FEMA's investigation. Contrary to Bollyn's implication, FEMA's failure to collect data for WTC 6 is not evidence for his mystery explosion.

Dr. Gene Corley, one of the engineers who led the investigation, told AFP that concerns about loose gold bullion and cash prevented investigators from entering WTC 4.

The FEMA report says, "The buildings [4,5,6] responded as expected to the impact loadings." Although the report says, "most of the central part of WTC 6 suffered collapse on all floors," it adds, "damage was consistent with the observed impact load."

The Customs House had a huge crater in its center. Corley told AFP that he had not seen the CNN photos before and called them "interesting."

Corley, like other experts, thought the damage at WTC 6 was caused by the collapse of the North Tower. However, not one of the experts could recall seeing the CNN footage before.

A spokesman for the Customs Service told AFP, "It did not blow up. When the tower collapsed it caved in."

Corley said he had not seen the photos of the extremely high-speed missile-like object seen streaking toward WTC 6 from behind the North Tower as the second plane hit the South Tower.

He noted that parts of the plane's landing gear and an engine passed through the South Tower, and landed several blocks away.

These objects, however, had a distinctly different trajectory from the streaking missile-like object. Another investigator, Jonathan Barnett, told AFP, "The debris from Tower 2 hit Building 5, not 6."

Bollyn provides no evidence of the existence of the "missile-like object seen streaking toward WTC 6". In fact, the crash of Flight 175 resulted in a number of projectiles, seen in photographs and videos, emerging from the northeast corner of the South Tower.