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Historical Precedents for 9/11/01

The largest single obstacle to people's acceptance of the fact that the 9/11/01 attack was an inside job is the refusal to admit that the "leaders of the free world" would perpetrate such a cruel and deadly hoax. Yet history provides numerous examples in which governments have attacked their own nations, while blaming a target group.

The closest example in many respects is the 1933 Reichstag Fire. Today it is widely believed that the Nazis themselves set the German Reichstag ablaze as an excuse to suspend most civil liberties guaranteed by the 1919 constitution. While Hitler established himself as dictator, the Communists and other minorities were scapegoated.

There are several examples in the United States of precedents for 9/11/01 as an inside job, in one or more of the following respects.

  • Authorities ignore warnings and allow attack on their own people to proceed.
  • Authorities engineer an attack on their own people.
  • Authorities falsely blame a target group or individual for the attack, and use the incident to violate human rights and justify military adventurism.
  • Authorities destroy evidence and sabotage investigations.

This review divides historical precedents into the following three categories:

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