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Twentieth Century Precedents for 9/11/01

Some of the most consequential power grabs and most deadly military campaigns of the twentieth century have been predicated on fraudulent events. These events are of several types:

  • False flag attack: a covertly-executed attack is blamed on a targeted group who is not responsible
  • Fabricated attack: a non-existent attack or accident is blamed on a targeted group
  • Facilitated attack: an attack by a real adversary is allowed to happen

Examples of false flag terrorist attacks and operations include:

Examples of fabricated attacks include:

Examples of apparently facilitated attacks include:

In addition to actual attacks, some contemplated false-flag attacks have become public. Although the US government has never admitted to carrying out false-flag attacks, military planners have developed plans for such operations.

While none of these incidents shares all of the most important features with the 9/11/01 attack, each has several important parallels.

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