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"Remember Building 7 is a non-partisan campaign led by 9/11 family members to raise awareness of the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 through television and other forms of advertising, and to shift public opinion such that the New York City Council and Manhattan District Attorney will be compelled to open an investigation into Building 7′s destruction."
This is the official website of Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice, an organization that includes some of the most recognized scientists, academics, and professionals calling for a genuine investigation of the 9/11/2001 attack, including Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Richard Gage.
This journal, edited by Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, anf Frank Legge, provides "a peer-reviewed, open-access, electronic-only journal covering the whole of research related to 9/11/2001". This Journal as amassed an impressive collection of serious scientific articles about the attack, not only refuting orthodox theories of the attack, but debunking unscientific alternative theories as well.
This website is the work of David Chandler, a physics teacher, and Jonathan Cole, an engineer. Chandler has published rigorous yet accessible video analysis of the physics of the destruction of the WTC skyscrpers, and directly exposed 'dry-labbing' by NIST officials. Cole has performed experiments showing the behavior of thermitic compounds acting on steel.
This is the website of Michael Wolsey, one of the preeminent 9/11 truth activists, and one with the uncommon courage to expose misinformation and disinformation that sabatoges work to achieve justice. The site covers current developments in the truth movement, and feeatures radio interviews with guests.
This is the official website of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization started by Richard Gage, Architect, AIA. Gage has gathered voluminous analysis from diverse sources exposing the falsity of the offical WTC collapse story and synthesized it into a rich and extremely compelling presentation. A DVD version of his presentation, similar to that delivered to scores of audiences, is avialable through the website. is a extensive blog-oriented 911 news site that hosts many different discussions and member blogs. The site has been a battlground for debates within the 9/11 community, and has in recent years taken stands on to reject irrational claims and damaging associations.
This is the official website of the conference scheduled for 11/11/06 at UC Berkeley entitled Lifting the Fog: The Scientific Method Applied to the World Trade Center Disaster. The conference aims to provide a focused, principled, and rigorous examination of the many unanswered questions surrounding the destruction of the World Trade Center skyscrapers.
TruthAction seeks to raise the visibility of 9/11 Truth efforts through participatory actions, such as public vigils. TruthAction has sponsored observences on the 11th day of every month - actions so successful at raising awareness in the US and beyond that organizers have been targeted with COINTELPRO-type harrassment campaigns.
This small website focuses on the collapse of Building 7, the third skyscraper to fall on 9/11/01. It contains three videos of the collapse, showing that it has the features of a controlled demolition. Because of its resemblance to a controlled demolition, many consider the collapse of Building 7 the smoking gun among the evidence that the attack was an inside job.
This well-organized website exposes the lie of the official story of the 9/11/01 attack, focusing on the forensics of the World Trade Center collapses. It contains hundreds of pages of reporting, evidence, and analysis, much of it sourced with mainstream references. It also features slide presentations for several popular talks on the WTC and Pentagon attacks.
This concise document exposes the NORAD's 9/11/01 timeline as a cover-up. It goes through the NORAD timeline and shows in case after case long inexplicable delays, failures to use air defense resources close to the targets, and that the interceptors allegedly deployed were flown at only fractions of their top speeds.
This site features the work of Brian and Eric Salter, two of the most discerning researchers of the attack and the disinformation that is impeding attempts to expose its true nature. Although the site is inactive, its archive on information warfare contains the most competent and detailed technical analysis of ill-founded claims used to marginalized 9-11 skepticism, such as the infamous pod-plane claim.
This is the website of the original 911 Visibility Project, which is dedicated to facilitating activism around the issue. It has links to sites with calendars listing events in cities around the United States.

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