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ERROR: 'Molten Steel at Ground Zero is Evidence of Basement Bombs'

There is abundant documentation that molten metal -- probably molten steel -- was in the Ground Zero rubble pile for an extended period of time after the 9/11 attack. 9-11 Research documens numerous eyewitness accounts of molten metal by Ground Zero workers. These observations are consistent with several other credible lines of evidence of persisting areas of extreme heat at Ground Zero:

  • The dust clouds generated by the collapses expanded rapidly to several times the volumes of the towers.
  • Hot spots on the surface of the rubble piles were recorded through remote sensing.
  • The rubble pile continued to smoke into December of 2001.

The observations of molten metal are evidence for demolition in a number of respects, given the difficulty of explaining the requisite temperatures as resulting from random fires. For example, since molten iron is a by-product of the highly exothermic reaction of thermite, observations of quantities of the substance fit the hypothesis that thermite or thermite-like reactions were instrumental in the Towers' destruction.

In contrast to the above, motlen metal observations have been used to support erroneous theories of the controlled demolition of the Towers. For ecample, the following excerpt from the American Free Press suggests that the molten steel corroborates the theory that underground explosions precpitated total collapses of the Twin Towers.

American Free Press has learned of pools of "molten steel" found at the base of the collapsed twin towers weeks after the collapse. Although the energy source for these incredibly hot areas has yet to be explained, New York seismometers recorded huge bursts of energy, which caused unexplained seismic "spikes" at the beginning of each collapse. These spikes suggest that massive underground explosions may have literally knocked the towers off their foundations causing them to collapse.


In the basements of the collapsed towers, where the 47 central support columns connected with the bedrock, hot spots of "literally molten steel" were discovered more than a month after the collapse. Such persistent and intense residual heat, 70 feet below the surface, could explain how these crucial structural supports failed.

Peter Tully, president of Tully Construction of Flushing, New York, told AFP that he saw pools of "literally molten steel" at the World Trade Center. Tully was contracted on September 11 to remove the debris from the site.

Tully called Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition, Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, Maryland, for consultation about removing the debris. CDI calls itself "the innovator and global leader in the controlled demolition and implosion of structures."

Bollyn asserts that "unexplained" seismic spikes were registered at the beginning of the collapses -- an erroneous interpretation of seismic data.

The theory that basement bombs were instrumental in the destruction of the Towers, is demonstrably false.

page last modified: 2006-08-17
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Photographs of the excavation of Ground Zero, probably in early 2002, after the rubble had cooled.