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Energetic Materials in the WTC

2009 Update: conclusive identification of "super-thermite" high tech explosives in WTC dust

In April of 2009 a peer-reviewed paper published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal reported the finding of unignited nano-engineered thermitic materials in multiple samples of World Trade Center dust. The discovery of these materials, which are likely high explosives, adds to the extensive body of evidence that the Twin Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. This volume of selected articles from the Web contains this historic paper (Active Thermitic Material Discovered ...), two previously-published scientific papers, and a variety of related reports and essays intended for non-technical readers.


Peer-Reviewed Scientific Papers

Press Reports Covering the Findings

NIST and Nano-Thermite: The Findings In Context

Non-Technical Reviews of the Findings

Attempts to Dismiss the Findings: Responses