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You won't find any actual analysis of those dust clouds and the energy the represent, such as Jim Hoffman's paper or Jerry Russell's site.

The TwinTowers were exploded into dust:

  • They didn't collapse; they we're exploded.
  • They didn't explode into pieces; they exploded into dust.

The only thing we can think of that could do that is ThermoBaricDevices.

Is this all 911Review.org has to say about the dust clouds? No photographs of Ground Zero to show that pieces of metal and papers were about the only recognizable objects other than dust remained. No link to any sites, such as Jeff King's, that compare the clouds pyroclastic flows studied in vulcanology. There is not a single resource here to support what is easily the single most important fact about the attack, that the towers gradually exploded in into dense clouds of fine dust, leaving little more than pieces of the shredded steel frame in macroscopic form. The popular talk The Twin Tower's Demolition, on one of 911Review.org's banned sites, breaks down the pattern of destruction, starting on page 24.

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