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One might hope that 911Review.org's page on the media would have something about how the media has facilitated the cover-up of the inside job of the 9/11/01 attack. Instead the text is some general complaint about the media, without a hint of 9/11/01. The cartoon is about the use of propaganda to re-assign blame for the attack to a different villain, not about the media's role in shaping the Big Lie of 9/11/01 itself.


    WE HAVE LOST CONFIDENCE in what we are seeing, hearing and reading: too much infotainment and not enough news; too many outlets telling the same stories; too much commercialism and too much hype. Every day, this commercial information system distorts our view of the world.

    WE HAVE LOST FAITH in the institutions of the mass media. A handful of corporations now control more than half the information networks around the world. At a time when people worldwide face hunger, social disruption, war and ecological collapse, only those who know how to walk the walk, talk the talk or pay big bucks are getting their message across.

    WE HAVE LOST HOPE that our national media regulators will act in the public interest. Essential rules limiting media ownership and concentration are being scrapped, while rules protecting local content and access are diluted.

    WE HAVE LOST PATIENCE waiting for reform.

This page, and apparently the entire 911Review.org site, avoids even mentioning the left gatekeepers phenomenon, wherein the entire left media establishment, exemplified by Pacifica, the Nation, Mother Jones, and Z Magazine, has boycotted any meaningful challenge to the official story of the attack. The website LeftGateKeepers.com, which focuses on exposing this, is apparently on 911Review.org's list of banned sites.


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