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Views from underneath the plane that crashed into WTC 2 reveal a 20m. long cylinder about 30 cm. in diameter.
Those are some very precise inferences from a streak that registers only a few pixels wide. (The same "finding" is prominently featured on several pages, such as Sept11Videos, in an apparent effort to maximize the mileage from this discrediting idea.)
The reader who examines the shape of the underside of a 767 -- or similar aircraft, such as a 777 -- will see that the streaks under the fuselage are readily explained as specular reflections of the low morning sun, interrupted in the middle by the torsion box bulge. (The torsion box is the structure attaching the wings to the fuselage.)

There were four flights that went missing on 9/11:

  • [WWW]American Airlines Flight 11; A Boeing 767-223ER flying from Boston to Los Angeles ([ N334AA]), alleged to have crashed into the North Tower.

We do not know the flight paths after they turned off the transponders: the US Military has classified that all data. In fact, we know less about these flights that we might think:

  • Flight77 is said to have crashed in the PentagonAttack, but we know with certainty it did not. Where it went is unknown.
  • Nowhere does 911Review.org provide any scenarios that might make sense of the disappearance of Flight 77.
  • Flight 11 is said to have hit the north tower, WTC 1. But the plane that hit the north tower appears to been much smaller than a Boeing (see Sept11Videos), and an engine found in the TwinTowers debris is too small: see our page WTCPlaneEngine.
  • The blurry flying object in the Naudet Brother's video of the North Tower crash is the correct size for a 767-200. The impact damage matches the profile of a 767-200 down to the engine pods, wingtips, and tail. The engine parts that landed on the street were also the correct size for 767 engines.
  • Flight 175 is said to have hit the south tower, WTC 2. But the plane that hits the south tower has a 20m. long cylinder about 30 cm. in diameter underneath. The cylinder opens at the last moment before impact and ejects something; see Sept11Videos. It is unlikely UA 175 had such a cylinder.
  • It is unlikely the plane had such a cylinder. This claim about the 20m X 30cm cylinder is repeated at least 6 times on 9/11 Review, leading both this and the Sept11Videos page. See: Sept11Videos.shtml, InsideJob.shtml. The prominence of this claim may be a measure of its potency as a discrediting idea.
  • Flight93 is said to have crashed just north of the Somerset County Airport, about 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, 124 miles or 15 minutes from Washington DC. We have no reason to doubt that, but it may not be the only plane whose debris came down there.
  • If more than one plane crashed there, it means that responders to the crash were in on the scam. More people "in the know" means less containability.


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