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Barbara Olson, a well-known Washington lawyer and, more recently, television political pundit, died aboard American Airlines Flight 77, the aircraft which apparently struck the Pentagon building. News reports described two calls which Ms Olson made to her husband, Ted Olson, Solicitor General of the United States. The caller said she had locked herself in the lavatory and attempted to place the call to Mr. Olson ten times before the charges were accepted. The first conversation, in which the caller said, "Can you believe this, we are being hijacked," was cut short, for some reason. In a second attempt, the caller described men with box-cutters overpowering the flight crew, then asked, "What do I tell the pilot to do?"

The story is that Barbara Olson called on an airphone, not a cell phone, and she called from her seat in the rear of the plane, not the bathroom.

In fact there is no "hard" evidence that any of the doomed passengers made any cellphone call: it's all anecdotal. There are tremendous inconsistencies in the stories surrounding this phone call.

In fact there are tremendous inconsistencies surrounding all of the alleged phone calls. For a summary of these inconsistencies, see the 9-11 Research page on phone call oddities.

It is important to look at the effect of the call:

    My research lead me to [WWW]a site that examines this issue in some depth. What stood out like a sore thumb was the following [WWW]remark:

      "Fox News reports that, extraordinarily, Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson then said Barbara Olson's call, made "in the midst of terrible danger and turmoil swirling around her," was a "clarion call that awakened our nation's leaders to the true nature of the events of Sept. 11." What seems to be true is that the story about Barbara Olson is what "activated the American psyche, generated mass loathing, and enabled media manipulation of the global population." ...

      Clearly, this issue and the issue of what really happened to Flight 77 is the crux of the matter.

      The little white lie was about Barbara Olson, a conservative commentator for CNN and wife of US Solicitor General Ted Olson. Now deceased, Mrs. Olson is alleged to have twice called her husband from an American Airlines Flight 77 seat-telephone, before the aircraft slammed into the Pentagon. This unsubstantiated claim, reported by CNN remarkably quickly at 2.06 am EDT on September 12, was the solitary foundation on which the spurious "Hijacker" story was built.

[WWW]Paul Thompson's timeline sums up all of the inconsistencies. Not to mention the fact that: why would a wife be calling the switchboard number? Wives have a habit of remembering their husband's direct phone number.

We note in passing the infamous remark of the Solicitor General [WWW]before the US Supreme Court:

    "It is easy to imagine an infinite number of situations ... where government officials might quite legitimately have reasons to give false information out."

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